Sport Activity

Healthy society is an asset of the nation, games and sports play vital role rather it has been an integral part of life. S.P.M. an eminent N.G.O. in the field of sports, aimed to strengthen, develop and empower sports from grassroot level to international level from the past 3 decades, it has become synonym for sports.
Trust focused on cherishing and popularizing various sports activities in different centers, there were many challenges posed in getting many talented on board and overcoming all odds from the society, it had started nurturing the talent form 1980’s.
With initiation of trust in Yavatmal district, District Association of various games are formed to nurture the young talent from underprivileged and socio-economically backward classes under the leadership of Trust secretary Dr. Prakash Nandurkar. His vision and foresight had opened the doors to young talent of various games to provide state of art infrastructure, sports equipment, and offer advance coaching to train the players of different strata under the aegis of this trust.

Trust started various sports activities for different age groups in massive scale to bring them into sports stream, to inculcate right to play, to explore the talent. These revolutionary initiations created a healthy and enthusiastic environment for sports, which resulted in grooming up the talent from grass root level to International level.


Over three decades, trust is providing launchpad for many socio-economically backward classes children and youth. It is training these children, youth without any gender inequality, to impart professionalize training, providing opportunities to the grassroot talent to become professional hockey players. These tireless journey for upliftment of sports and to groom the rural talent paved the path for many players to reach greater heights, adding credit to this it was many girls who excelled more than the boys in many Hockey competitive championships.

Martial Arts (Judo, Karate)

Martial arts are an exceptional self- defence mechanisms, which creates high level of energy, confidence for combating adverse situations on our own with/without weapons. Martial art is a sport, practiced for fitness, source of self-defense, to build confidence. Martial arts necessitated the need to empower all individuals with growing crimes globally.

Flourish the instinctive (Indigenous sports)

Trust also works to promote indigenous sports, Aatya Patya an ancient traditional Indian sport, Yoga through continuous practice and guidance, our players reached to the highest level in this sport. Team consisting of our players secured first position in State level and National level many times. Many of our players captained Maharashtra state team and successfully lead the State team.

600 players participated in State level and 128 players participated in National level championships.

Driving Slum talent to International Talent

Trust had distributed footballs in many slum areas, later it announced tournaments. Initially, this created a lot of positive buzz among them and they started channelizing their energy in this area. Initial matches of the said tournament begun without any proper uniform to identify the playing teams, the team lost the toss played half naked and other one played with their usual clothes. To encourage the slum youth, for first four teams football uniform, footballs and prizes were distributed and pair of balls distributed to 20 remaining participant teams.

This opportunity inspired this youth and they started practicing it on regular basis, which brought significant physical, behavioral changes and helped them to get rid of their bad practices. This program acted as good deaddiction for those youth. Out of these, many of them entered into Nationals and adding pride to their applauding achievement, two of them represented Indian team for World Street Football Tournaments held at Germany and Australia.