Medical Care

As per our survey in our region, the biggest reason for health disparities are unavailability of primary medical services at their door step, lack of health education among underprivileged, negligence towards preventive measures, poverty, malnutrition and poor living standards.

S.P.M. is working for providing quality health care services at free of cost as a part of its social contribution to the society. Trust is offering a spectrum of health care facilities, from basic health care services through mobile health care unit medical camps to highest quality health care services with associated partners. Undoubtedly, trust medical initiations are extending helping hands, to fulfil the basic health and social needs of underprivileged sections of the society like tribal, socio-economically backward classes and other poor & neglected people.

Our trust offered different medical services

  • Charitable Medical Dispensary
  • Eye diagnostic and surgical camps
  • Charitable Medical Dispensary
  • Mobile Medical Dispensary
  • Heart Diagnostic Camps
  • Divine Mother and Child Health Care
  • Club-Foot Camp
  • Dental Check-up camps
  • Blood donation
  • AIDS Awareness camps
  • Family Planning Surgeries