Helping hands for victims of Natural Disasters

Now a day’s natural calamities have become the universal phenomenon. The people not only lose their lives but also their moral courage. he trust in this crucial juncture provides and helps the victims of natural disasters at various places. When the earthquake calamity occurred in Gujrat the team of volunteers and doctors out of courtesy and being the member of humanitarian chain went there for rendering their services and worked incessantly to give them relief. The volunteers organized a huge rally and accumulated more than Rs 20,00,000/- along with some useful domestic materials to distribute among the earthquake-stricken people, thus offering them mental solace.

As someone has said that “Life is nothing but a chain of accidents”. There was a disastrous cyclone in Odisha following the Tsunami in Tamilnadu. However, the team of promising and committed young people reached to the affected areas and gave the victims their timely support and helping hands. The trust had distributed more 22 lakhs rupees worth material to the sufferers. For this wonderful rather herculean task. Government of Tamilnadu had applauded and issued an appreciation certificate for the services rendered by the trust which boosted the moral courage of the volunteers.

Continuing wearing the thread of service again the trust came forth and distributed clothes food and other necessary articles to the flood-stricken victims in Kolhapur District of Maharashtra also in the adjacent areas of Karnataka state in August-2019. The well-disciplined volunteers of the trust collected relief fund of Rs 2,70,000/- to give the helping hands to the needy flood victims.